Open Mic sign-ups at 6:00PM, starts at 7:00pm.


1. The cover charge/entry fee is $5. The top five funniest and/or most improved comics (determined by our staff) will make it to the stage. The audience will determine the winner by applause for each of the five comics (the most applause = the winner). If you make it into the top five you may be eligible to perform in Tommy T’s Comedy Showcases, this is a privilege, not a right and not a guarantee. Content that is too vulgar, too explicit, too offensive or just not funny enough for a paying audience may not be invited to perform.

2. Due to demand we are only able to accept the FIRST 30 COMICS and you must be SIGNED UP BY 7PM by YOURSELF, or you and the person who put you on the list will be disqualified.

3. The red light is a 1 MINUTE WARNING. If you are still onstage after that minute has passed we will flash the red light at you which means your time is up. If you stay on stage at this point you will be disqualified. If you are verbally asked to leave the stage or the volume is turned down and you still don’t leave the stage you may not be eligible to participate in our open mic nights at all, it is our discretion. Keep in mind you are taking time away from other comedians when you go over your own time. Be respectful! You will not be penalized for getting off stage early.

4. Please remember that the host is also a judge. If you speak to him/her while a comic is on stage this judge will not be able to pay necessary attention to the performing comedian which isn’t fair. This may cause the judge to take his/her bathroom break during your set… Again, be respectful of the other comedians. If you are disruptive and repeatedly chatty you may be disqualified.

As a courtesy to those around you and the other comedians please turn off cell phones, and remember there is no talking/heckling, you know how hard it is to do new material in general, these distractions make it that much worse… Be respectful to the other comedians





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