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Contestants will be given a score of (1) to (5) by each judge. The minimum score possible for each contestant is 3 points. The maximum score possible for each contestant is a perfect score of 15. Note: Due to the time constraints throughout the Competition, there will be an automatic deduction of 5 points total for any contestant running past their time allotment. Contestants exceeding their time allotment by more than 60 seconds will be automatically disqualified.

Time allowance for the preliminary round will be (5) minutes per each contestant. Time allowance for the finals will be (8) minutes for each contestant. Each contestant will be given a one minute light prior to the end of their allotted time and another when 30 seconds remains. There is no penalty for going under the allotted amount of time. '

Judges will be instructed to base their scores on the following categories:
1. Content of Material: The quality of the comedian's material. Is it original? Is it well developed? Is it funny? We do not censor comedian's performances. We do, however, discourage blue, vulgar or otherwise offensive material.
2. Audience Response: By applause and laughter, what was the judge's take on the audience response to the comedian's performance?
3. Presentation: How did the comedian present his/her set? Were they in command of his/her performance? Did they connect with the audience?

There will be (3) contestants from each night that will advance to the finals. For a total of 15 finalists.
*FIRST PRIZE: $5,000
*THIRD PRIZE: $1,250

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