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Oct 9th, 10th & 11th: Mark Yaffe


Marc is an award-winning comedian featured on the Showtime special, Goin’ Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam. Marc has also been seen on the PBS special, Crossing The Line, SiTV’s, The Latino Laugh Festival and Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen.

Oct 16th – 18th: Comedy Warriors


Bobby Henline Bobby Henline is an American hero who spreads joy and hope through his love of stand-up comedy. A veteran of Desert Storm by the age of nineteen, Bobby was inspired to re-enlist in the Army after the September

Oct 23rd – 25th: Luenell


Luenell is a force of nature. This talented comedienne, actress and singer, was born in Tollette, Arkansas, a town whose population barely registers with the U.S. census. At the tender age of 10, she caught the acting bug after seeing

SPECIAL EVENT: Oct 26th – Medium Cindy Kaza

Cindy Kaza

Cindy Kaza is a clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing) and clairsentient (clear feeling) who works across the country as an evidential medium. Evidential mediumship is a style of mediumship practiced around the world that puts heavy weight on the

Oct 30th – Nov 1st: Jay Phillips


Since Variety Magazine labeled him ‘Top Comics To Watch’, Jay phillips is one of the top stand up comedians headlining the country right now. Appearing on dozens of TV shows that showcase the great art of stand up, Jay has

SPECIAL EVENT: Oct 31st: Halloween Party


The Darling Clementines Dark and Twisted Halloween Extravaganza.  

SPECIAL EVENT: 6th – 8th: Capone


Born as Derrick Lee and straight out of the Bronx, NY, he has one of the most exciting careers in comedy. A hustler who trades in his ruggish-thuggish ways to become a successful entrepreneur and later metamorphosis the world of

SPECIAL EVENTS: Dec 11th – 13th: Corey Holcomb


Going from hanging in the hood to performing comedy on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show,” not to mention the privilege of afterward being invited to take a seat on the “couch” which not many comics are asked to do, has been