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SPECIAL EVENT: Aug 5th: Masquerade Speed Dating


Masquerade Speed Dating is a Folsom based service, created to put a little mystery and fun into the dating process. Going on a blind date can put anyone on edge so…. WHY DO IT ALONE?

Aug 7th – 9th: Guy Torry


In the tradition of comedians who have made the transition from the stage to the screen, such as Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and many others,  the multi-talented Guy Torry has made the leap stand-up to actor with great success.  Guy

Aug 14th – 17th: Sarah Tiana

Sarah Tiana

Sarah Tiana has been a “working” comedian/ex-waitress in Los Angeles since 2003.  Originally from Calhoun, GA, Sarah’s act emphasizes the thrills of growing up after “The War Of Northern Aggression” and trying to survive in the current battle of the sexes.  She doesn’t call herself “single,” 

Aug 20th – 23rd: Alonzo Bodden


Alonzo’s material is “cynically good natured.” Well, the older he gets, the less good natured it’s gonna be. “‘What can I say? The stupid out there is wearing the man down.” Bodden, who won Season 3 on NBC’s Last Comic

Aug 28th – 30th: Willie Barcena


A 20-year comedy veteran, never shys away from a challenge. Willie’s talent has garnered him 12 appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” more than any other Latino Comedian in the history of the Tonight Show. Jay even invited

SPECIAL EVENT: Sept 11th – 12th – Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood, a savvy businesswoman and multi-faceted, multi-media entrepreneur, skillfully balances the roles of in-demand Entertainer, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Pack Rat Productions, movie and television actress, radio personality and philanthropist. Sheryl Underwood is one of the most

SPECIAL EVENT: Sept 17th – 20th: John Witherspoon


You probably remember John Witherspoon as Ice Cube’s (Craig’s) outrageously funny, dog-catching dad in New Line Cinema’s smash urban trilogy Friday, Next Friday & Friday After Next, or as “Pops” on the long-running syndicated sitcom The Wayans Brothers or as