Anjelah JohnsonStarting at the illegal age of 20, Vince Acevedo,is an up and coming comedian from the Humboldt Park area in Chicago,IL. He has done such venues as Zanies, The Improv, Riddles, and Jokes and Notes Comedy Club. Being one of the only Puerto Rican Comics in Chicago has been a big advantage to his success and due to that he recently headlined a one man comedy show for a sold-out crowd conveniently named "> I'm ConVINCEd". Lots of his comedy is based off of being from a Puerto Rican family,his relationships and his everyday life in the city . Now at 25 years old, he has recently started to be recognized as a strong comic and is working constantly as a stand-up comedian, he not only represents himself but he also represents his culture of being a proud Puerto Rican.






Girls Night




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